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Well we've been open for a while now & already had our first Art Show. It was a great success & I can't wait to have more! We've got more cleaning up in the back half of the bottom floor that we should be finished with soon & then we can start on the top floor, again. Our goal is to remodel the small bathroom that is already upstairs, so that we can go ahead and move in! So in about 6 months, we should be living Downtown!!

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No Power

Well our power is out so I have nothing to do but sit here and type up a blog post…of course I can’t actually post the post until we have power…so for now its just in word ☺
So I actually have some time where I have nothing to do…let me rephrase that…I have a lot to do but I cant do anything!!! How did people live without electricity?!? Anyway…. Will Someone PLEASE tell me what it is with people littering!?!?! Since we were without power and nothing to do Joe and I decided to run to Sonic and get some drinks and some fresh air (he hasn’t been feeling well today), and while we are sitting there I watched as the guy in the back seat of a pick-up reaches around the front seat and throws him hamburger wrapper out the front window!? All I could think was what the h***!?!?! I mean it wasn’t like opps…didn’t mean to drop that…it was…hhmm…I don’t want to hold on to this and put it in the trash later…Hey that area right outside the window looks like a pretty good trash can! What would Confucius say if he saw how we treat Mother Nature?! Think of the most beautiful picturesque site you can imagine and then throw some trash in there….not as pretty anymore huh!? I know a lot of people probably think the Sonic workers will put it up…but first off really don’t you think they job is crappy enough? And sometimes they cant get the trash on a windy day. As Joe was driving down Clarksville the other day the driver of the car in front of him threw a diaper out the window. A Diaper!?!?! Yes a diaper!! Where they changing the kid now...or how long did that dirty thing sit in the car that they didn’t have the opportunity to throw it in a trash can earlier? Joe and I have been watching a show called Survivor Man where the guy. …can’t remember his name, I think its Les….anyways Les strands himself and tries to survivor for 7 days completely alone….and this guy finds litter in some pretty remote areas, such as deserted islands. And I cant tell you how many times I’ve picked trash out of David & Judy’s (Joe’s parents) yard and I know Larr & Christi get a lot of trash thrown in the yard too! So if anyone reading this post litters…Just stop it! ;) No really…if you’re in your car and you don’t know what else to do with your trash…throw it in the floorboard call me and I’ll come dispose of it properly for you. :D
But really in all seriousness don’t we owe it to Mother Nature to take a little better care of her? I don’t know about you but I don’t want my children playing in the park with trash all around. I want to see my grandchildren run through Bywaters and not have to think about the litter lying around them.



Well I promised an update last time so I thought I would go ahead and post the update. We had to send out a search and rescue team for Wicket after he went out for a potty break so I finally went ahead and mowed the yard!! Then we headed to the building to start painting. We were ready to start moving the molding and mats and then Joe had a wonderful idea....Hey instead of cleaning and planning and laying and staining and finishing the wood for the floor...why don’t we just pull all that tile up and expose the concrete and seal it......it will be easy and will go so much faster. So now we are scraping up more floor. Yeah, the same torture we are going though upstairs...we are putting ourselves though that voluntarily!! Some of it is coming up really easy....but a lot of it isn’t....:( Oh well...it will look great when we are done. I had my 2nd Hypnotherapy session today...So far things seem to be going good. I have been more aware of clenching during the day time and that is the first step we were working towards. We made a second cd today. And man I'm telling you...it is SO relaxing! It’s kinda hard to describe. I listen to it on my ipod while I am going to sleep and it puts me to sleep.
My new job has been just awesome! I love it...its so fast paced and there are always things to do. We had an archery tournament a few weeks ago that was just unreal!! We had 3 people from England...a few from Canada and Mexico...and somewhere else out of North America but I don’t remember where it was. There were over 1,000 registered archers, all the hotels were booked solid...Magel's Grill had a 3 hour wait line!!!! The Archery people said this is the Largest even they have ever had and its only going to get bigger!!!!! I was more excited about it than Joe and I probably got on his nerves talking about it but it was just amazing being in the middle of it all. I wasn’t involved until right when the event was getting here since I just started working at the chamber, but I still had a lot of fun! I called all the restaurants, hotels, and banks and asked them to put "Welcome to Paris ASA Archers!" on their signs and it was so fun seeing all the signs say that and a lot of the archers were talking about how they felt so welcomed by everyone at the event and even by the town in general with all the signs welcoming them! I just cant tell you how much fun I had!! Becky, Mindy and Greg did all the work getting this group here and getting everything together!! It was just fun! I worked in the concession stand on Friday and Saturday. This year the event was Friday-Sunday and next year its going to be all week long (so don’t be surprised if I call you trying to get you to work in a concession stand ;) )We are getting ready for the Uncle Jesse Bass Tournament on May 5th and then after that we have the Tour de Paris bike ride coming up. I was just put on the committee for that and we have a meeting the 19th! ANYWAYS.......This is getting to be a long post ($50 bucks says Larr saw how long this was and said "forget that")
The only bad news is...My computer died on me today :( I tried to turn it on to set up a slide show for my boss and it just wouldn't turn on. I started freaking out a little cause I have A LOT of stuff on that computer!! Plus I was trying to set up a slide show for my boss.....that was scary enough.... So I'm using Joe's computer right now. I'm probably going to get this laptop and Joe will probably get another new desktop. But I'm not sure if I like it 100%. I love Macs but it is so different than I used to...so we will see.
Anyways....this is really long so I better go...and I bet there are probably a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes....



I painted a few of the posts!!! We are going to be covering the floor and I really like the color we used so I made the suggestion of painting the columns that color!! And Joe actually went with it! ;)
AND I LOVE IT!!! It is going to be that punch of color I was looking for and I'm so excited to have all the painting done!

The cream is what is going to go on all the walls. And we wont be painting over the places where brick is exposed.

These are the racks that Joe and I built for the molding. They sit where those offices that we took out originally were. For those of you who might not know (Mirk & Dan ;)) we are going to be running a custom picture framing shop on the bottom floor.

And here is Joe's bench!! he has been looking forward to this thing for a long time!! Its HUGE! Its 46 inches wide and 24 feet long! And that's smaller than he originally wanted it!! This is where he will put the frames together and the mats will be stored in the bottom. You cant see it from this picture but there a little dividers all the way down!

Anyways...I know its been a long time since we posted so I thought I would just throw these pictures up really fast. But its midnight and I have a Downtown Merchants Meeting at 8:15 in the morning so I'm going to bed! I'll post more on whats been going on tomorrow....


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