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Well we've been open for a while now & already had our first Art Show. It was a great success & I can't wait to have more! We've got more cleaning up in the back half of the bottom floor that we should be finished with soon & then we can start on the top floor, again. Our goal is to remodel the small bathroom that is already upstairs, so that we can go ahead and move in! So in about 6 months, we should be living Downtown!!

The Loft
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Building Update

Salvation Army moved out completely on Thursday! They left the place really pretty clean!

Here is the view standing at the front door. Its just one big room now! You can even see the back door (the dark area right in the middle) All our supplies will be stored along the back right area and the back left is where Joe's saw will be. We are going to build walls for that area to keep all the saw dust cleaned up better. I dont know where we will have the mats and glass.

Here is a view standing in the back looking towards the front door. I think the frame and mat samples will be in the front right corner, but I'm not sure what Joe has decided.

This is the right side of the mezzanine. This is where we are going to have an art gallery.

This is the kitchen that is down stairs. Its not much but we will have our good kitchen upstairs.

We are going to start pulling peg board down this weekend and start painting next week while we are on vacation!


We Really Have Windows!!!

We really have windows now! Actual windows! :)
I didn't take any pictures from the inside but for now here ya go...A picture is worth a thousand words!!!


The Guardian

Well I promised more pics so here you go :) Thursday I had a really really bad headache and figured some fresh air would help. So i picked up the camera and headed on over to Evergreen Cemetery. I had once heard that the population of Evergreen was greater than the population of Paris, so I Googled. Well for the first time Google didn’t work. I found a few sites that said 40,000 at least 2 sites that said 20,000 and two others that said 18,000 so I have no idea. Anyways...back to the pictures. Okay most people that know me know how big of a chicken I am about everything! And cemeteries are no exception. I'm one of those people that won’t walk across the graves. So you people should feel very loved that I actually went to a cemetery ALONE when it was starting to get dark!!(For some reason the pictures don’t always enlarge with a click so I hope these will)

The first two were some I just walked past while walking around. They were both for young girls. The top one was only 3 and the praying angel was 4 or 5.

And this is the one that got me a little bit freaked out. Yeah I know…it’s just a statue give me a break Kari. But like I said at the start of this post...I'm a chicken!!! :) When I approached this statue I got a much different feeling than the young girl's headstones. This angel, unlike most others, was masculine and sitting. And he wasn’t just sitting down...He was sitting with purpose. He wasn’t just there to look pretty for centuries to come...he was there to watch over this family laid to rest at his feet, as if he was their true guardian angel. The family spot was marked off with a concrete walk and I used that to get the perfect angle. I came upon him from his right, but nothing in the background but clear skies just made the whole picture to bright, so I walked in front of him. And as you can see in the picture he actually has detailed eyes. Most statues like this just have smooth eyes with no detail at all. It was as if his eyes followed me the whole walk across, and as I kneeled with tripod in hand, I just waited for him to break his gaze and blink or turn his head and look at me. I cant even describe the feeling this guy gave me but this is the only picture (other than one with a completely white background) I was brave enough to take. As I walked away from this guardian my hands were shacking a little, but hey maybe the family laid to rest here didn’t want people to linger and mourn them…so they decided to get a statue that would freak them out and run them off!! Worked for me! :) :)


Paris Sites

Well Joe had to work late tonight so I figured I'd use the time to myself to go take some pictures around town. I told Mirk I would post a picture of the Jesus with Cowboy Boots so I added that to the list of where all I would stop by. But first I headed over to the Chamber of Commerce building (The old train depot). I got out the camera, took one quick bad shoot and the camera battery died :( So of course I didn’t get any good pictures tonight. I decided on the way home that after work every day I'm going to go and take a picture of one historic place in Paris. Who knows how many times I'll actually do it ;) But until then here is an old picture I took a year or two ago of the Jesus in Cowboy Boots!


Loft Pictures

Blog is finally working again so here are the pictures I promised :)
The front with out the white signs. And one piece of the green sheet metal is down, it is covering the steel beam that goes all the way around the building and some more windows.

And here are our windows!!

I made Joe stand next to one so you could see how big they really are!


Loft Update

We finally took the signs off the front of the building!! Larr and Josiah got to work on them on Sunday and it didn't take them long to get them down. The bricks are kind of dirty and there are a few bad spots from the nails that were holding the signs the up, but the important thing is that the brick was not painted green! We bought some chemicals that we are going to try on the brick that is painted green. Hopefully it will get the paint off so we don’t have to just paint it another color.
(Blogger is messing up :( so I'll post a picture tomorrow)

Oh yeah and we got out windows in today!!!!! Well they were delivered anyways!!!
The sealer that they will use has not come in yet. Mike said he wanted to get the windows in this week but it just depends on when that stuff comes in. So hopefully it will come in in a few days!! :)

(I would add another picture of the window but blogger won’t let me)

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