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Well we've been open for a while now & already had our first Art Show. It was a great success & I can't wait to have more! We've got more cleaning up in the back half of the bottom floor that we should be finished with soon & then we can start on the top floor, again. Our goal is to remodel the small bathroom that is already upstairs, so that we can go ahead and move in! So in about 6 months, we should be living Downtown!!

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Hope you all have the best Christmas ever!
Josiah, Kari & Wicket


Ponderin' Gone Postal

What's better than doing what you Love?
Making Love to what you're doing?

Should a person Love what he or she does
if it makes everyone around them miserable?

If we imagine ourselves victorious, are we?
Or are we even more of a loser?

To be surrounded by good constantly,
is to be ignorant of Life.

Death is one of Lifes harder lessons

And last but not not least...

If I'm Nuts,
Why do I feel so much like an Ass?

I was going to write about Haiku's and give an
analysis of one I wrote, and why I wrote it, but
it was way too long. Besides, I wanted to post
something that you might get a little humor out
of instead.


Riddle Me Stoopid

So we've got our holiday tree put up and decoraded with our holiday lights and ornaments. We've got our holiday stockings hung and holiday gifts wrapped and named, one by one. We have a snowman up in our front yard, made out of wood and holiday lights strum on the front of our house, with only one, very lonely dud. What's left to do, but to enjoy the season...

"But why give gifts and do such tasks, what is the reason?" you may ask.

I say to those who ponder, "Where has Christmas gone, I wonder?" Don't ask such a stupid question, don't wonder about such splendor. Don't ask for gifts or hope for presents, don't worry about dollars and cents. All will come your way, no matter your beliefs of that or any other day. I say because I care, why demoralize yourselves or anyone else for such pungent and hot air? Although well formed, your ideals are made of water, each shot deeper into a soul of crystal blue fire.

Worship to free yourself from the bonds of humanity, take pride in your soul and your faith will surely guide you(or ye). Look up to other faiths, not down your nose and understand what drives them will probably be 'no doze'. Just kidding. If you represent yourself loyaly and respectfully, and praise your Lord completely, without hatred or bigotry; your heart will be free to live in the bliss of Loving kindness and, of course, forgiveness.

What we worship this season will always be a mess, something for many different faiths and for others, it's Christmas :)

Merry Christmas (EVERYONE!)


Holy Holidays, Batman!

Did you read this one about the Presidential Christmas Cards that have some people all riled(or in Texas, rawled) up. Sad stuff if I do say so myself. So why are they so mad? Basically, the Bush administration failed to say 'Merry Christmas' on the card, instead they said 'happy holidays' or something and included a Bible verse from the OLD testament! No, not the New Testament of the Bible, The OLD! Because the old doesn't mention anything about Jesus's birth, so that makes it wrong. Wow. Where do these people get their logic? Oh that's right, their logic comes from their belief that they are right and everyone else is wrong, always, no matter what, despite their obvious and often abundant hypocrisies. Oh yes, and their card also didn't have a picture of Jesus on it or anything, just the Bush family pets frolicking in the snow of the White House lawn.

Now I'm not in the business of defending Bush, but come on! Ultra conservative right winging, tail flopping, holy hollering Christians need to take a DEEP breath and get back to their senses once and for all. I mean, this president is losing the people who voted him into power in the first place. Did you hear that? It's your sect who made it possible for your man to have another 4 Years as the most powerful man in the world. Your voices who praised him and lifted him up on high. Your actions, your rhetoric, your faith which, in my humble opinion, called forth the opening of the flood gates of true Christians to vote for a man whom many have said is no more Christian in action then Tom Cruise. Yes, I said it, meant it and be happy I didn't say David Blaine.

So after reading the article, I recalled to myself what me and Kari are sending out as our "Christmas Cards" and realized we probably wont be having a Bible verse in it. The picture will be of Us and our Pet and we'll probably wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, although, everyone we know are Christians, or at least aren't offended by a Merry Christmas greeting. The Bush Administration is sending out 1.4 million cards to all different nationalities that have given them money. I wouldn't say Merry Christmas either, sounds to me like good Politics...Remarkable.

p.s. May our thoughts and prayers go out to those of this date, Dec. 7, 1941, who were involved in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


Modern Medieval Times

A trip to Medieval Times Restaurant and Tournament recently brought back to my attention a bittersweet fact of human nature. How much we enjoy violence, destruction and mayhem. I believe it's the simple barbaric forms of warlike entertainment with the clashing of swords and clanging of shields that we as whole enjoy the most. The fights with fury, grit, determination and heroism and fights which mean something in the eyes of the combatants and in the eyes of their supporters. Pretending to be a spectator in a time of knights, kings, and horses and the show of strength, skill and loyalty given in a moments breath is refreshing in it's completeness and finality.

The whole experience of Medieval Times affected me differently at different moments since we arrived at the gates. First, the feeling of anticipation, mainly because I hate waiting in a line of people, I pretty much knew what to expect from all I've heard and seen. I also felt like a cow being led to the trough once we finally entered the castle, though that feeling ended when I finally got to move around freely among the guards and other Lords and Ladies. At this point, I felt like a prisoner to consumerism. Everyone was selling something in the middle of the waiting room and at each end, a Bar, which I felt obligated to enjoy. Finally, after about an hour of waiting and biting my tongue for sustenance, they formed us into lines and ordered us through to the feeding and tournament arena. Once seated and the wench came, I knew I was ready to eat. This is when I was beginning to feel enjoyment and began to try to imagine how times would have been way back when, without the lights, fake fog and cushy seats. I enjoyed imagining how times could have been; the religions, the beliefs of the people, the mysticism, the power and the battles for life, liberty, love and wealth. I also enjoyed the food and tournament, but couldn't help but think about how our lives have turned out in the last thousands of years and what we could learn from the Medieval times, the times before and the times that followed.

I find it interesting in the times that we live now, to think about how people lived and fought in medieval times and evaluate the similarities and differences which are all too obvious. Does the fact that we've always battled make it right to continue to wage wars for money, beliefs or for the love of it? Does death mean nothing to those who rule, or is it just a part of the natural order? Will we ever be able to stand back and look at ourselves for what we truly are? Can we change our nature, or at least know when our natural instincts become unnatural, such as with the slaughtering of thousands upon thousands of innocents without honor or respect? To kill without anymore then a push of a button is no more natural or indicative of humans then the cloning of sheep. So why do we do it everyday? It makes very little sense to die a senseless, unjust, meaningless death. The fact that it happens day after day doesn't make it right and yet we acknowledge the death and do nothing about it. When will we be able to realize we haven't learned anything new, but only advanced in the areas of technology, healthcare, and business? Would we be better off without these advancements? Will it take losing what we have to realize that we must seriously make life altering changes to make our lives truly better, are we really happier now then we would have been thousands of years ago? And how should we measure life? I don’t know, but I’m guessing we should not measure it in gold, oil, technological, business or healthcare advancements.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

Mahatma Gandhi    

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