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Well we've been open for a while now & already had our first Art Show. It was a great success & I can't wait to have more! We've got more cleaning up in the back half of the bottom floor that we should be finished with soon & then we can start on the top floor, again. Our goal is to remodel the small bathroom that is already upstairs, so that we can go ahead and move in! So in about 6 months, we should be living Downtown!!

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Bicycle 101

Obviously I missed that class!!! This past Saturday I rode in the Tour de Paris.....with 2 flat tires.  I made it Downtown and back to the high school and was exhausted! I had fallen way behind Crystal, Dee & Brendan so I just quit early.  It wasn't until we got home later that day that I realized just how flat they were! I knew that I had at least one flat tire (another rider pointed it out to me) but both were down and Joe could feel the rim though the tire.  Then I looked at the picture that Joe took of me coming through Downtown.  You can see how flat they are!!! So considering I was riding on flats..I did pretty good.  So, I'm ready for next year, but this time I will check those tires!!!


  • well you did good then considering your tires were flat... wasn't there someplace to fill them up tho??? Oh well.. until next year!!! :)

    By Blogger Denise, at July 23, 2008 9:17 PM  

  • You make that helmet look good, girl, flat tires or not! Good thing you had to quit early...you just would've shown everyone else up. ;)

    By Anonymous christi, at July 24, 2008 4:37 PM  

  • No SAGs ever passed me....plus I didn't realize that was the problem until it was to late. :)

    LOL I HATE that helmet ;) I was about to pass out just from the school and back...not sure it would be showing anyone up if i was passed out on the pavement....hehehehe

    By Blogger Kari, at July 25, 2008 8:33 AM  

  • how fun! looks like you did really good considering...if only there was a prize for that!

    By Blogger Laura Rhea, at July 28, 2008 9:24 AM  

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