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Well we've been open for a while now & already had our first Art Show. It was a great success & I can't wait to have more! We've got more cleaning up in the back half of the bottom floor that we should be finished with soon & then we can start on the top floor, again. Our goal is to remodel the small bathroom that is already upstairs, so that we can go ahead and move in! So in about 6 months, we should be living Downtown!!

The Loft
Before & After
Our Wedding




My mom has tagged me to participate in a random challenge.
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag.

So, 6 random things about Me:
1. I have been trying to be a vegetarian since January 15th.
2. Had to cheat every now and again so now Its been about a month and a half.
3. I go to workshop in December to become a Jazzercise instructor
4. I have already voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden
5. My dog is named after a Star Wars character
6. I have never been a good speller

My randomnicity...Tag: Laura, Christi, Dad, Larr, Shelia, Joe


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