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Well we've been open for a while now & already had our first Art Show. It was a great success & I can't wait to have more! We've got more cleaning up in the back half of the bottom floor that we should be finished with soon & then we can start on the top floor, again. Our goal is to remodel the small bathroom that is already upstairs, so that we can go ahead and move in! So in about 6 months, we should be living Downtown!!

The Loft
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We did it agian!

Pumkin Carving Party Number 2! Well Saturday night we got together with Larr and Chrsiti and carved some more pumpkins. This time, since I would have been shivering to much to carve if we were outside, we eneded up at our kitchen table. This time instead of Ace trying to eat the pumpkin seeds we had Wicket to clean up a little of the mess....Only thing is that dog is so picky I think he tried everything but then spit it back out! We had a blast!!!

My monsters, Larr's Reaper, Christi's Monsters and Joe's Wicked Spider.

Wicket just waiting for something to drop!

Joe's Wicket Spider

My Monsters


Kari's First Pumpkin

Hard to believe isn’t it. A 21 year old has never carved a pumpkin. Yeah I have got pumpkins and painted cute little faces on them but that’s not carving! So when Larr and Christi mentioned carving pumpkins at their house for Halloween I was all for it! Once we got to their house I picked my deadly diva design and got to it! I could have done without having to pull the innards of the pumpkin out...that was pretty nasty...but other than that I had a blast! Joe had a good time too and flew through his scary skull design. I finally finished mine after everyone else had already put the lights in there's...see for my first pumpkin ever the design I went with ended up being a "difficult." But I finally finished it and we all got to light them up and take pictures! I think we have decided to do this again next weekend and I can’t wait!!

Let the fun begin!

Larr did the cool spooky castle and Christi did the Cute Ghost!

Joe's Scary Skull!

My Deadly Diva!


New Matrix

Well here it is, my new car!! It's a Matrix 2006 and I LOVE IT!! It drives so much better than the civic! And something I never thought i would be so excited about....it has four doors!! Its so nice going to the store and being able to put stuff in the back seat with out having to reach over the front seat.

Just an Update!

Hey everyone! Just thought I would post a little something so yall will have something new to read! An update on the house...On Thursday(or was it Wednesday) I feel off the ladder while painting higher up on the house so that cut that day short, and just about an hour after I fell we got the news that Josiah's grandfather had passed on. I did get to paint a little on the days following but obvioulsy was not able to finish. Most of the front is done but thats it. Hopefully once it cools off I can get back to work on it :) Not much else has really happened since then. Other than we got a new car last night. We needed to get away from the two door car so we traded in my Civic and got a 06 Toyota Matrix it is Silver and I LOVE it! I will post some pics later of it. Joe has to go to the Paris Football Game tonight so I promise I plan on making this thing pretty so that I will make more post!! :)

A lot of Nothing

Well the internet won’t connect so I am just typing this up in word and I will post later :)Today was day one my week long vacation!! I started off by cleaning up around house waiting on mom to get over here to help me start painting the ugly lime green exterior of the house! We started probably around like 10:00 I think. Mom had the Light Sage Green paint which went on the shutters around the windows and the columns, and I had Sycamore Tan which is the main color of the house. I’ll post a couple of pictures I took during the painting process :) I hope to have all the painting done by the end of this week, that probably wont actually happen, but hey a girl can dream cant she. I also want to get some molding stained that has been sitting in the garage for a long time. It’s just a little bit to go in the entry way but at least one more thing will be cleaned out of that storage place we call a garage…the car wont even fit in it so I’m not sure it qualifies as a garage right now. And of course during my little breaks throughout the day I hope to be able to get online and make this little thing look a bit fancier!Joe started a new job last week! He is now working at PISD as one of their tech guys. He seems to be enjoying it now; at least he comes home in a better mode at the end of the day. But I’ll let him do a posting to tell you all about that!We are FINALLY getting dish tomorrow!!! I know it’s a petty little thing to get excited about but I haven’t been able to just sit and watch tv for like 3 months, unless you count all the Seinfeld and Friends episodes we have on DVD, that we have both already seen plenty of times, or the movies that we have watched at least 3 times now. I’m ready to watch something new! :) I’ve decided to blame my TV withdrawals on Joe. I used to watch TV, yeah, but it was just stuff to watch nothing I really watched regularly, but right before we moved into the new house Joe got me watching all these silly cartoons like Super Milk Chan, and Inyuasha, and all those other cartoons that come on Cartoon Network at night, AKA Adult Swim. Those are the shows I am really starting to miss. We went to Josiah’s parents yesterday and they had on Family Guy and I just wanted to sit down and listen to the football head baby talk like the little genius he is! I really miss that baby! But as soon as the Dish guy gets there, which is in the time frame of 8:00-12:00, and finishes his job, which could take up to 5 hours, (good thing I don’t have anything to do that day) then I will be able to set that little DVR to record the Futurama team and the Dragon Ball Z crew! :) Well I guess I better sign-off now. Got another big day of painting ahead of me!

The garage doors now Sycamore Tan!The trm around the doors will be light sage green!

The entry way is now Sycamore Tan also.The green on the shudder is the light sage green.The green on the post in the foreground is the green that we are painting over.Our new green is much more muted and much much better! :)

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